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For a Child’s Smile, For a Photographer’s Camera



A child’s smile is a very precious thing. In a split second it can melt your heart, and in the next, it can disappear right before your eyes. For a photographer, capturing a child’s smile is a very rewarding prize. Yet attaining it can be extremely challenging.

Now, there’s a new and revolutionary way to capture that smile:  Meet the DaisyGrip™ – Every Child Photographer’s New Best Friend.

After years of first hand experience trying to capture that natural smile from a child, the owners of Christine DeSavino Photography give you the power to take control of that space just above your camera lens.  With the DaisyGrip™ you can put on a puppet show or attach a child’s favorite stuffed animal. Or better yet, stick your iPhone® playing Dora the Explorer® into the DaisyGrip™, put your DaisyGrip™ into the hot shoe of your camera, and those natural smiles and giggles are yours for the capturing.

The DaisyGrip™ puts the “smile” back in your control.  You’re days of wishing you had a third hand or depending on a parent to wave toys just above your shoulder are gone.  There are so many ways to use the DaisyGrip™ that its possibilities are  limited only by your imagination.  And if you’re the creative type, and you probably are, you can easily take the DaisyGrip™ and run with it!

Daisy Highlights


The DaisyGrip™ is a simple yet revolutionary tool designed by a child photographer to help get a child to smile. Here are some of it’s features:

  • a child photographer’s “go-to-tool” for capturing a child’s smile
  • consider it a “third-hand” sitting right above your camera’s lens
  • easily grips iPhones®, iPods®, smartphones, small toys, puppets, and stuffed animals
  • puts a child at ease and gets them to look right at the camera
  • great for child-photographer interaction…enhance your story-telling magic with a monster puppet sitting above your lens!
  • great for close-ups…play a child’s favorite cartoon just above your lens with your iPhone®!
  • add live motion to session slideshows…capture video of the session with your iPhone® and capture stills with your SLR at the same time!
  • no case swapping required…holds most smartphones with or without a protective case!
  • limited only by your imagination…using the DaisyGrip™ will become second nature to you in no time!
Daisy Details


  • an ultra-flexible hand utilizing 4 fingers that are easily bent, yet firmly maintain their grip
  • holds a wide variety of toys, stuffed animals, finger & hand puppets
  • holds iPhones®, iPods®, and other smartphones with or without a protective case
  • hand measures 6″ wide x 4″ tall and rotates 360˚
  • positioned on a 5.5″ articulating arm with a standard hot shoe adapter at the base
  • holds objects up to 12 oz  when strecthed horizontally over a lens, or objects up to 2 lbs  when positioned vertically above a camera body
  • attaches to an SLR’s hot shoe, to the side of an SLR when used with a DaisyGrip™ Bracket (sold separately), or to a tripod
  • weighs just 4 oz
  • born and assembled in the USA
  • there are a few obvious ways that the DaisyGrip™ should not be used, please see our cautions page for more details
  • it’s only compatible with standard hot shoes, please see our hot shoe compatibility page for more details
Our Promise to You…



We want you to fall completely in love with your DaisyGrip™.

And we are confident that you will.

If for some reason you become uncertain at anytime during the first 45 days of your relationship with the DaisyGrip™, please let us know and we will make things right, or refund your money. If at anytime during the first 365 days of your relationship, should the DaisyGrip™ fail or need repair due to wear and tear, just let us know and we will take care of it for you.

If you have a problem or concern after one year, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do the best we can to make you and your DaisyGrip™ happy again.


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